Saturday, January 17, 2009

stopping to smell the roses

A dear friend of mine, Genevieve, wrote a note on Facebook a few days ago that really hit home for me. I hope she doesn't mind me reposting here, but I think everyone should take a peek. Hopefully it will have a similar effect for you as it did for me.

"So I have just been reading over my past notes and blogs, and WOW! Ihave come a long long way from back in the day. It is crazy to realizehow much you actually grow. In three years I am finally becoming theperson that I want to be. I am still trying to find myself andwondering if I am even ready to find the person I am meant to become. Iguess the transition is different for everyone. Either it is a gradualjourney, or something that just occurs in an epiphany. I can distinctlyremember this past year having a moment where I just thought about lifeand how far I have come and thought, wow in this moment and time Iactually feel myself becoming wiser. It is an amazing feeling. I wonderhow many people have this thought, and when they have it. It was like Ijust knew that one part of my life would be over forever, and I was okwith that. I still don't know where this life is going to lead, andwhat path it will lead me down. All I can do is pray that I will have afaithful and amazing journey. I have to think, if I were to die todayhow would people see me, how long would they remember me, when wouldthey forget. You live your life through moments, people, and dreams.So...never give up one the dreams that create those moments that youhave with those special people. For that is all anyone can ask for inlife." - Genevieve Arnold

Profound. But simple. Something I think we might consider reminding ourselves of every now and then. Here was my response to her:

"This is so true and something I've realized that I haven't recognizedin myself. I've thought a lot about this after reading it severaltimes. 2007 was the year I met you and a bunch of other amazing peoplewho touched my heart so much. I'm so thankful for that year in my life,because while I have an amazing family and group of friends in NC, myfamily grew that year, tremendously. And you're right, the adventure isabout the people and the love they share. Thanks for being a part ofthat. And thanks for making me realize how lucky a lot of us are tohave each other. Can't wait to see you and the rest of the crew in '09.It's going to be a great year."

I suppose this is a cyclical realization we got through, but coming from someone who usually reacts anxiously to change, this time I think I'll sit back and enjoy it.

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