Saturday, May 23, 2009

a blooming hobby

So my parents have completed a HUGE undertaking with their home in Durham. They completely renovated their kitchen, extended and screened in their original back porch, added another porch beyond that, and renovated the front porch. And now the transformation is almost complete! Some paint here and delivery of furniture is all that is truly left of this 8-month process.

While I think a lot of the major landscaping will be left up to the professionals, mom and I have been working on sprucing up the new "lower deck" on the back of the house. Neither of us claim to have green thumbs, but we're giving this gardening thing a go! I'm hoping my grandma Doe's talent made its way through the gene pool to me. Photography is thanks to my awesomely artistic baby sister, Chesley. She rocks and not just with a camera in her hand. Enjoy!

This is the lower deck looking down from the top of the steps with your back to the kitchen window. To the left is the screened-in porch. Beyond the railing is a tributary of New Hope creek, bringing us a great deal closer to the woods! 

This is looking from the lower deck back up to the kitchen window with the screened-in on your right. The view from the kitchen is awesome now! The ferns keep the green consistent looking back toward the house. 

These are in the hanging baskets along the railings. Calitunias, daliahs, lime coleus are so colorful and fun. I just hope I can keep them alive :) Also, hydrangeas: any Southern home is not a home without a hydrangea or two! The baby hydrangea is red (thanks to my dear friend Ashley for my birthday!) and the larger is "original" blue. I'm hoping they'll make another appearance before the spring is fully gone.

I'm so excited about this new hobby! Mom has some big plans for the front yard as well, so I'll try to take before pictures prior to getting started with major projects! 


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