Tuesday, August 4, 2009

forget the heat, eat more ice cream

Summer is coming to an alarmingly swift end, but the heat seems to have no intention of letting up anytime soon. I believe I have found the perfect remedy for the heatwave. This past Sunday my family took a trip out to Maple View Farm in Hillsborough, North Carolina for some homemade ice cream and general peace and quiet. This quaint and endearing spot, nestled amongst rolling hills, is the perfect spot to cool off during the blistering close of another North Carolina summer.

I've been here many times in my life and I am still trying to pinpoint what it is about this place that makes me have this unyielding sense of euphoria. Maybe it is the scenery? When you get their and have your ice cream in hand, find yourself a fabulously southern rocking chair on the front porch and take in the view! You'll look out at endless fields sprinkled with milk cows grazing on the greenest grass, as if it were filled in from a crayola right out of the box. If you go later in the afternoon and stick around, you may catch one of the most beautiful and breath-taking sunsets on the east coast.

Or maybe it's the people? Sometimes you'll find Willie the clown perched next to the front door making balloon animals for the countless children. Or maybe it's the kids that make the difference? Brothers, sisters, cousins and friends chase each other around the side yard after having their fair share of ice cream. Barefoot, of course. Their squeals and laughter are quite infectious. Or maybe it's the smiling faces that scoop, dip and serve up the best ice cream in the state? Always friendly, the Maple View staff is refreshingly happy to be at work.

Or maybe it's the ice cream itself that causes all of the endorphines? When you walk into the door the smell of sweet milk and freshly made waffle cones takes over your senses. You cannot help but feel happy. My personal favorite is mint chocolate chip, but the banana is devine. Whatever your flavor vice may be, Maple View ice cream will delight your senses and bring you back to that peaceful place from childhood. While you're there, pick up fresh brown eggs, milk and cheese. If you're lucky they have fresh tomatoes, cucumbers and other delectable veggies too!

If you haven't sat in a rocking chair while trying to finish your waffle cone before the sun melts it into a puddle in your lap - go! Summer is fading and Maple View is the perfect way to send it off! I'm going to go back at least one more time before the leaves fall and I recommend you do the very same.


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Ashley said...

I'm so jealous I'm not close enough to stop for a visit. If I was- all you would have to say was homemade ice cream and I would be in the car, but your description makes me yearn for fresh cut grass on my bare feet, warm sunshine beating down on my back, happy screams from children in a sprinkler, the smell of those waffle cones... and if I close my eyes just tight enough I'm in the south already. thanks for the lil' piece of "back home."