Friday, September 10, 2010

The Compromise: Part One

I am now six months into the adventure I like to call "Living with a Boy." And not just any boy, THE boy. Living with a brother or your dad just doesn't count. So far, I think we're managing very well. We ration out duties, split bills and all the other not-so-fun things that come along with playing house. All is well! However, there is ONE part of living with my particular boy that has me at a cross-roads: decorating.

I consider myself a fairly stylish girl with a super creative side and not just in my wardrobe or desktop background image, but in ALL aspects of my life. This obviously includes the decor of my our home.

Before I can explain the situation further, you should have some background on Eric. He is a "guy's guy." He is obsessed with sports. ESPN is a mainstay on the TV (why do we pay SO much to have 3,000 channels when we only use one?). He's studying to be a broadcast journalist (he wants to be the next Scott Van Pelt). We both are huge Tar Heels fans, so Carolina gear is spotted throughout the apartment. Don't get me wrong, I love sports (former soccer, basketball athlete and cheerleader here - woo!). However, I do not want sports to inundate every single aspect of my life. He has his favorite UNC-basketball painting in the dining room and his Liverpool futbol scarf is tacked to the wall above the kitchen. Compromise. Right?

There are a few items I would LOVE to have in our humble abode that do not stand a chance:

{via Living Etc.}
 Anything pink. I love pink, fuchsia, magenta, baby...I could go on, but you get the picture. He's not into the super feminine color. I am by no means suggesting we paint every wall the color of pepto bismol. But a pop of pink here and there would certainly please my inner girly-girl :)

{via Country Living}

The zebra rug (faux, of course). I actually own one that is rolled up and sitting in a storage unit. It got nixed from the decor plan early on in the moving game. In my defense, I returned the favor by nixing a framed album by Shaq (yes, Shaquille O'Neal) from being hung in our bathroom. Again, compromise.  And dodged a MAJOR bullet on that one - phew!

{via DesignSponge}
Fun wallpaper is simply out of the question. Reasons being 1) we live in a rental and 2) we have completely different taste in patterns. Maybe if I find a bold pattern in a neutral color scheme, he might warm up to the idea?

{via Little French Nest}

A dainty chandelier is still sitting in its box, begging to be hung in our walk-in closet. I think I'll go the Nike route and just do it.

My many inspirations {Delightfully Chic, apartment_34, The Decorista, La Dolce Vita, MadeByGirl and so on...} have me drooling over new ideas! As I've suggested thus far, the motto "act now, ask later" is going to be set into motion. My mission is to incorporate all four items {pink, zebra, wallpaper & chandelier} into the apartment decor somehow, all within the realms of compromise.

Check back for Part Two and please send good vibes & luck! I'm going to need them.



Ashley said...

Good Luck my dear- I know you can do it! If need be I can come down for an intervention weekend :)

Iona said...

I like my home to look man free - a little unfair? Yes, most definitely. But I love pink and delicate details too.

Katherine said...

Ashe - we may have to do that! Or we can just plan for him to go out of town and redo it when he's not there :)