Monday, May 4, 2009

happy birthday to me

I've celebrated my 24th birthday recently and it was a good one. I admit I was not looking forward to this birthday. Of course I am much too young to start the typical habit of women wanting to reverse their age. Honestly, I wasn't excited because I had just gotten used to telling people I was 23. I don't want to have to reteach myself. Again. I suppose I'll get over that tiny, insignificant detail.

On the upside, I did have a really great birthday! First of all, I had the day off from work. Which is a weight off the shoulders. My sister surprised me with a very creative birthday card consisting of a lot of post-it notes on our bathroom mirror. What a fun way to start my day!

My parents and my brother took me out to lunch. We went to Watts Grocery on Broad Street in Durham. (Sidenote: for all of the people who hate on Durham all the time, you're sadly mistaken my friends. Durham rocks my socks! Especially its delightful selection of restaurants.) I had the most delicious Ruben sandwich, ever. We also nibbled on some cheese hush puppies with basil mayo dip (yum-o!) and pralines and cream ice cream sandwich! Overall, an amazing experience.

Then my brother surprised me with a Holly Aiken clutch that I've been stalking online for about two months now. It was like he read my mind! It is truly a beautiful piece of artwork that happens to be a handbag. Phenomenal combination if you ask me :)

Then my parents surprised me with a card! In the card they told me they were going to help me buy a new computer! I cried I was so happy (slightly embarassing, but totally unavoidable). My ThinkPad no longer thinks, I believe it's gone into a coma of sorts. It turns on, but it makes this really weird noise like it's about to take off. Needless to say, it's time for an upgrade!

So my technologically savvy big brother took me computer shopping! Typically, he won't shop with me, but this is right up his alley. No dressing rooms or opinions on color - just geeky computer stuff. (Plus he's shopping for a computer too). We went to the Mac store at Southpoint (which is open from it's fabulous renovations - FYI!). We talked to one of the guys there and he helped me figure out which computer would be the best fit for my needs and wallet. Then we ventured to Best Buy to check out options for a PC. Within a few hours, I felt I knew more about computers than I'd ever thought possible. After a lot of consideration I've decided to go with a Mac Book laptop! I don't think it's possible to be more excited! :)

After a fun afternoon with the brother, my boyfriend picked me up for a special dinner. I love it when he dresses up :) He took me to a restaurant called Nana's (another phenomenal Durham eatery). We had the most delectable risotto appetizer. I would kill for that recipe!

By the time I got home, I was exhausted, but it was an amazing day with a lot of people I love so much!

Not to mention all the awesome phone calls, emails and facebook shout outs! I have the coolest friends ever! I even received a few birthday gifts today! My lovely friend Ashley sent me a red hydrangea in memory of our awesome summer in Chi-town last year - hopefully I'll keep this plant in better shape than the Chicago one. And my amazing friend Alex sent me tickets to see Zac Brown Band in Raleigh! WOOT! I'm so incredibly lucky to have awesome people in my life!

So overall, turning 24 hasn't been so bad. In fact, it may just be the best birthday yet!

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